Described as ‘venturers in the post-genre slip stream, weaving folk, improv, art pop and contemporary classical into new material that is soft on the ear but tough as leather.’ (Cormac Larkin, Irish Times)

Clang Sayne was founded by Irish composer & songwriter, Laura Hyland in 2008 to channel myriad musical influences into her ‘songscapes’. The current line up of players include Laura (compositions, voice, chimes & guitar), Carolyn Goodwin (clarinets, voice) and Matthew Jacobson (drums, voice).

Their upcoming EP, Sounding Seams comprises 4 songs, each of which will be released as a single in the coming weeks, in advance of the full EP release on Thursday 6th June 2024.

Exlopring themes of chaos, order and our place in the cosmos, these recordings forms part of a metal sound sculpture project Laura began in 2018 (further info here). It was recorded live in a crannog at the Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford, Ireland.

Earlier releases include 'The Round Soul of the World' LP (Ireland, 2017) and the debut LP, 'Winterlands' (London, 2009).

Former players who have featured on Clang Sayne recordings include Judith Ring (voice, cello), Caimin Gilmore (double bass), Peter Marsh (double bass), James O Sullivan (electric guitar), Paul May (drums) and Matthew Fisher (drums).