"This is a set of live, organic, no-safety-net performances; there is something exhilarating about this modest yet perverse album and its refusal to conform."

Clive Bell, The Wire

"The raw no-overdubs recording style adds a sense of fluidity to the album, a real sense that on another day the band's improvisational compass could have steered these songs to different waters altogether"

Scott McMillian, Mapsidaisical

"A brittly beautiful collection of autumnal songs - partly structured, partly free-floating, these pieces feel both weightless and airy as well as astoundingly clearly shaped."

Tokafi interview / review

"The milky artwork and packaging bring to mind a pearl, one that stands out all the more from so many other gaudy synthetic gems."

Serdar Yegulalp, Music Machine

"This is an album that could have been recorded at any point between 1969 and the present day, music that transcends the background of its contributors or any expectation a listener might bring."

Baked Goods

"The quartet's stunning [song] "A Death And A Vision" showcases an uncategorisable approach to song craft that brings to mind the music of Tim Buckley, Jandek and David Sylvian's collaborations with Derek Bailey."


"Improvisation yes, but the songs seem to have some kind of logical structure, a frame holding things in place. Mysteriously inviting, with an almost Siren like vibrancy; this is an album of intriguing beauty that's well worth your time."

Organ Art

"I found [your setting of 'A Ritual To Read To Each Other'] memorable and haunting, a very intriguing account of the poem, and very suitable."

Response from The William Stafford Estate